Caring for Your Car’s Finish Through the Winter

Winter is the hardest season of the year on your car. Ice and snow make driving difficult, damage windshield wipers, and put a strain on tires. Extremes of cold can be hazardous to your engine, [...]

Removing Road Tar the Easy Way

Road tar, also known as bitumen or asphalt, is generally used as a binding agent for the production of asphalt concrete, which is what many roads, parking lots, and even airport runways are made [...]

Common Car Stains and How to Treat Them

Americans spend an average of 3 hours per day in their cars. Thanks to long commutes, traffic congestion, urban sprawl, after school activities for kids, running out to pick up dinner, running [...]

Lifter-1 Products Around the House

Here at Lifter-1, our first job is auto care products. Our Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover can safely and effectively clean sticky substances like insect guts, sap, and tar from your car’s [...]

Say Goodbye to that Musty Car Smell With an Interior Carpet Cleaning

Food and drink spills, pet accidents, muddy footprints, and grease spots are just a few of the things that pose inevitable threats to the beauty of your vehicle’s interior. What’s [...]

Keep Your Classic Car Looking Classy Inside and Out!

While for some of us cars are merely means of getting from Point A to Point B, for others they’re a lifestyle. And if you belong to the latter category, you know that image is crucial—even [...]

When You Work Out of Your Vehicle, Your Automobile’s Image is Everything

Summertime is here again, and for high school and college students across the country this means it’s time to find a part-time job. One of the most popular seasonal jobs among teens and [...]

Save Your Auto Finish from the Ravages of the Road

After a long day away from home, nothing feels better than taking a lengthy shower to wash away the dirt and grime of the great outdoors. This precious daily ritual is one that anyone who’s [...]

For Parents Summertime Means More Driving and More Danger to Auto Paint Jobs

In households with children, summer vacation brings with it a wealth of opportunities for kids to explore old interests and develop new ones by participating in activities other than those taught [...]

The 2013 Summer Bug Season Looks To Be Messy

It’s weird to think that cicadas swarm up out of the ground every 13 or 17 years by the millions (or billions!). It’s something akin to a old 1950s B-movie horror show. But it’s [...]

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