Common Car Stains and How to Treat Them

Americans spend an average of 3 hours per day in their cars. Thanks to long commutes, traffic congestion, urban sprawl, after school activities for kids, running out to pick up dinner, running errands on the weekend, and so on, it often feels like we live in our cars. And if you live someplace, you naturally want to keep it clean, and looking and smelling nice.

Because we spend so much time in our cars, and because most of that time is spent driving from one place to another, our cars tend to get messy. It’s just inevitable. We tend to eat in our cars, carry groceries and other food items, haul our pets and our kids, and that’s a lot of opportunities for clutter and stains. Furthermore, it’s not always easy (or possible) to stop right away to clean up a mess. Nobody wants to be scrubbing their floor mats or their back seat in the middle of traffic. Also, the interiors of cars can get extremely hot, which can help set stubborn stains.

All of this is a recipe for stained upholstery and carpet in your cars, some of which may seem intractable. The top five most common stains that used car buyers reported finding in car upholstery and carpet were coffee, food stains, crayon, ink, and blood, all of which can be notoriously difficult to remove. Other common problem stains include pet stains of all stripes, mildew and mold, soda, oil and grease, and vomit.

Beyond just stains, though, many car owners struggle with removing odors, especially from pre-owned cars, or from cars they’re hoping to sell themselves. Cigarette smoke odor is an especially problematic one, but some stains such as vomit and various pet stains carry particularly pungent odors that can be difficult to dispel. Some food stains can have lingering unpleasant odors, as well. There are even stories of people who’ve had to sell their cars just because they couldn’t get rid of a particularly persistent odor.

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