“I have used Lifter-1 in our camper, in our vehicle and on my carpets in my house for about 5 years now and I can’t find another product out there to beat it…This product has been kid tested many times— it has taken out the cooking residue and nicotine on the camper ceiling like it never happened…and detailed the interior of the truck like new. I has worked through kids, dogs, new or old stains— it doesn’t matter. It is amazing and I will not be without it. Thank you so much!”

“I am thrilled with your product, Lifter-1 Upholstery Stain Remover. My grandson left his drink in the back window of my car, which of course promptly spilled over. He blotted up what ‘little bit’ he had spilled, but a spot appeared after a few months and started getting darker. Just on a chance, I used Lifter-1 Upholstery cleaner on it. The spot was removed within seconds and no damage to my car upholstery! It is such a pleasure to have a product do what it is advertised to do, and do it so well”

“I recently purchased one of your products called Lifter-1 Carpet Stain Remover. I hadn’t used it until today, and really expected it to be like all the other “guaranteed” products on the market. Imagine my surprise when I found it really does everything you say.”

“I’ve used the bug and tar remover before and that worked great, then I saw the carpet stain remover and knew that Lifter-1 would work – just because of the name…I’ve never used anything else since”

I just wanted to let your company know how incredibly awesome your products are (well, at least your carpet stain remover – we haven’t tried any others yet). My husband works for a printing company so he is constantly tracking ink in the cars and house. The carpet stain remover is the only product that we have found to take the ink out. Recently his work clothes got mixed up with the rest of the family’s jeans. He had done maintenance at work and had tons of ink globs on his clothes that made a disaster of everyone else’s jeans. Since we figured that it couldn’t get worse than what it already was, we decided to spray the carpet stain remover product on all of our clothes with out staining or ruining them. I couldn’t believe it! Not having to go out and buy the whole family new jeans saved a ton of money. I cannot say enough good things about your product. I only wish you made a laundry detergent that worked as well for my husband’s ink covered work clothes. Thank you for this great product; it has truly been a life saver for us!! P.S. We also lent a can to a neighbor to remove red ink off her linoleum floors. It did the trick, no problem. She was amazed as well!

I just wanted to email and say: THIS IS THE BEST CARPET CLEANER IN THE WORLD!!!!!! I have been completely amazed by how wonderful this product works. I will never use anything else or even try anything else ever again! All you really have to do is spray it on stains (even dry ones) scrub just a bit and the stain is gone! I have recommended this to my friends and will continue to do so! One friend who has two huge dogs and a cat. We tried this product on her carpet that professionals said would need to be replaced and it did another amazing job. It didn’t get her carpet back to its original color, but was very close and also made the carpet look at least 80-90% better. Thank you for this product and don’t ever stop making it!!

Now I can clean carpet for a living, but I have NEVER come across a product line like Lifter 1 Carpet Stain Remover, it simply removes everything! This is one of the BEST carpet stain removers on the market today! Keep up the good work Lifter 1! Thanks!

I can’t thank you enough for your carpet cleaner. I had a full load of khaki shorts and pants and my daughters choir shirt get stained with a black gel pen [that went through the dryer]. There was ink everywhere! In the past I would have thrown everything away, but this was an expensive load of clothes. I went to the website for the Pilot gel pen and they listed your product as something that would take out the ink. It did a great job. I found that if I sturated the stains while the clothes were dry that most of them disappeared without too much trouble. The ones I soaked first were more difficult. I added a little full strength Lestoil for the worst and largest stains and now have clothes the kids can wear instead of a new clothes bill. Thank You!

I just had to write and tell you how much I love the Lifter 1 Carpet Stain Remover! This is the only, I mean ONLY product I have found that really works like it says it does. I go through a lot of this product because my husband is a truck driver and always tracks grease and fuel onto my light colored carpets. I just spray it on and wipe it right up, it’s amazing! Thanks for a great product!

I recently purchased your Lifter 1 Upholstery Cleaner for my car. There were 2 year old coffee stains on the seat belts, but after applying your product I was amazed to see that the stains were gone in a matter of minutes. I had tried many of the other leading brands, and nothing worked. The Lifter 1 products really work and it only takes a matter of minutes.

I just wanted to say “thank you” to Lifter 1. We just had a brand new carpet installed last year which cost almost $5000. Right after it was put in, my 14 year old house cat was diagnosed with kidney failure. It wasn’t a problem at first but now it has gotten to a point of frequent vomitting daily, and of course it is on the brand new carpet! Lifter 1 is the ONLY product that is able to remove the stain completely, to the extent you can’t tell where the stain was to begin with. I have sat and actually watched the stain disappear after being sprayed, even before wiping, rinsing, patting dry … If it wasn’t for your product, I really don’t know what I would do. Thanks for such a great carpet cleaner!!!

I have never used a bug and tar remover like yours before; all others say they will work, but yours does the job. I have a shite SUV and nothing I had used before your product would clean off all the bugs and you don’t need to rub off the paint to get it clean. I have told all my friends about Lifter 1 and will continue to sing your praises. I work at an RV dealership and tell all who buy to look for Lifter 1 products. Thanks for the wonderful products.

I have never made a phone call to a company before to tell them how fabulous their product is, but I was compelled to tell you this. Last Saturday we had an appointment to list our house for sale, and that morning I realized I had stepped on a broken RED lipstick in the bathroom and walked five quarter sized blobs of lipstick across my bedroom carpet. I was horrified! I was afraid to try to clean it myself, afraid I would leave dinner plate sized permanent pink stains there. I called two different professional carpet cleaning services. One said it wasn’t an emergency and would have to wait until Monday (not an emergency – right!), the other would gladly come out that afternoon, but it would require an additional $125 fee to come on a weekend. I made the appointment anyway. Then my wonderful husband walks in and hands me a can of Lifter 1 that he bought to clean his car upholstery and carpet with. I had never heard of it, but figured I’d try it out on the bathroom throw rug, it had about 20 red lipstick stains. I was so impressed! It got all the lipstick out! I cancelled the professional carpet cleaners. I used it on all the other little spots around the house. The real estate agent came that afternoon, said the carpet looked beautiful. We listed the house that afternoon, and on Monday a couple made an offer that we accepted. Thanks for making a stressful Saturday morning into a great weekend. I’ve told all my friends about this product. It’s fabulous. It has become a permanent staple of the cleaning supply cupboard.

I have a Chrysler mini-van which I recently decided to clean up for sale. On the back of the headrests and other areas were marks where kids must have scribbled with a ball point pen before i even had the car, so they’re at least 4-5 years old. Looking around my workbench, I found a probably ten-year-old can of Lifter 1 Upholstery Cleaner. Having nothing to lose, I sprayed some on and to my astonishment was able to easily remove ALL the stains completely. This product works better than anything I have seen, so I am anxious to try your carpet cleaner as well. Since I emptied the can I’ve been looking for a replacement, and just now found your web site so I’ll be heading over to AutoZone to buy some. Thanks for a great product!

Dear Jim: I am writing to you to, first, thank you for my Lifter 1 rebate check. I would like to tell you that Lifter 1 has to be the greatest stuff out on the market right now. Here is why: I detail cars on the side, to make extra money. I have had numerous accolades from people that cannot figure out how their carpet in the cars get so clean. I have detailed cars that have coffee spills that you would not believe. Why they never use a lid is beyond me. I have detailed some cars for my friends at work, to the point that now, I detail the company Cadilllacs at my work. I can just spray the Lifter 1 directly onto the stain, and the coffee mark literally dissolve right in front of my face. I have had people that even asked me if I got new carpets in their car, because the other stuff out there just doesn’t work. I took a carpet mat into some of the people in work, to show them what I was using, because they tried “EVERYTHING” out there on the market. I had a piece of carpet that even had a tar stain imbedded in the carpet. I held up the carpet, sprayed Lifter 1 directly onto the stain, and the tar dissolved again, just like the coffee spill did. Jim, please, don’t ever stop producing this product. My detailing has been a savior, thanks to your product.

My wife snapped on the lid of her coffee cup and some of the coffee splashed onto the headliner. I stopped at the local O’Reilly and found Lifter-1 on the shelf. It stated it could get out the coffee stain. I sprayed Lifter-1 on a white cloth and I dabbed it on the coffee stain and the stain disappeared. I also just had our van serviced at a local garage and I found grease on the carpet…I sprayed a little Lifter-1 on the grease and it came out. What a great product—I have recommended Lifter-1 to my friends.

I used Lifter-1 Carpet Stain Remover on a few throw carpets from Super Storm Sandy and WOW.. your product lived up to it’s name. GREAT JOB! I will be purchasing your products again. I live in a FEMA trailer in a campground so throw carpets will be in my life for a while.

I ran through a fresh line of tar on the highway the other day and covered the whole right side of my car in black spots. I bought a can of Lifter 1 Bug and Tar Remover honestly thinking it wasn’t going to work, but I got home, followed the directions and it worked fantastically. No more tar at all! On a white car no less! Thanks guys! Definitely keeping a few cans around the garage from now on.

Excellent product. We have tried many other brands and this worked as well and was reasonably priced.

I was totally blown away at how easy the bugs and tar were removed with so little effort. As long as you keep the same formula. I will be a repeat customer.

“SAFE ON CLEAR COAT FINISHES” was key to making the sale. Have road tar on side panel for several months. Lifter-1, in one application, softened the tar so that it could be wiped off.

It cleaned off the tar without damaging the paint, What more do I need?

It’s the only carpet cleaner I’ll use. I’ve been using it for years.

Gum had been stained on my passenger front auto floor mat, Lifter-1 dissolved and the brush removed the residue.

Just used this on pine bark sap, and it worked magnificently. Thank you for this product.

Lifter-1 Bug & Tar remover did an excellent job and was extremely easy to use. Sun hardened bugs, bird poop and tree sap came off easily with a wipe, no need for elbow grease!

Unbelievable! This product did what others could not! It lifted out old stains so easily! I will be telling others about Lifter-1!!!

Worked great in removing stains from my car. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

It works wonders on removing love bugs on our vehicle in Florida. We use lots of this product.

Car seats were dirty with a few small stains. They look almost like new and that is good for a 22 year old car!

Product works well and removed grease, dirt and stains where other products can’t.

My car was covered with tree sap and your Bug & Tar remover really helped get it cleaned up. Worked much better than another product I had tried previously.

Lifter-1 Carpet Stain & Spot remover did a great job on my car carpet floor mats. Removed heavy stains easily and they look like new! Good Stuff!!

Used it on my cloth seats in my Jeep and cannot believe how well it worked. Should have taken before and after pictures because I am totally amazed. Great product!! Getting another one for the carpet.

It cleaned the carpet really well. I was very pleased with the product.

I used the bug & tar remover on a truck I just bought to remove bumper sticker residue, and window tint residue and of course bugs on the grill. Product worked great!

Very effective bug remover after long trip to the southwest.

My husband’s 1999 Suburban was filled w/ coffee stains and others–This is magic-Love it!!

I was attending a social function and noticed a red wine stain on the carpet and bought a can for the banquet hall and “viola” the stain is gone, Fantastic!

Works great! Took a long road trip and car was covered in bugs, used your spray and car looks great!

I recently hit “bug storm” driving on I-75 in northern Michigan, The front of my vehicle was covered in bugs. Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover was able to easily remove the mess with no damage to the vehicle paint or finishes.

Used stain remover for coke stains on headliner from 2 years ago. Worked great with little effort to remove all the stain. Thank you!

My cat puked on my white rug and I didn’t have anything that was working. This lifted the stain and removed the smell. I’m so happy!

This is absolutely the BEST carpet spot remover ever. I have gotten so many people started on it. I will buy nothing else.

I absolutely love this product! It has removed long standing stains from my carpet. I’m a very happy camper!

Great product. Lifted the love bugs right off the front on my brand new truck. Thank you for a great product!

We went through a construction zone in the rain and our car was covered with a tar film. We tried several methods of getting it off (nothing was working). Stopped at O’Reilly auto and they suggested Lifter-1. It worked.

I just wanted to drop you a line. This is the best product by all means. I have bought every carpet cleaner on market and saw yours in Ace Hardware and tried it. All spots are gone from my elderly dog. I could not believe it, thank you for a great product. Will be telling all I know.

Well, Lifter 1 once again did the job. I had a car with a 1 year stain of blueberries, which the lady forgot to take in the house. The heat exploded some of the blueberries. When detailing the car, the lady did not have much hope in the stain. I shot it 3 times with Lifter-1, kept dabbing it, because it came up thru the sponge in the seat. The lady flipped when she found the back seat was clean. She will not let anyone but me detail her car because she knows that when she gets the car back, it is better than new. LIFTER 1 is the king of all stains.

Works awesome. I bought some seats from a pick-a-part junkyard, the passenger eat had a cola stain on it. Lifter-1 got it out easily. Thanks for a great product that I will use again!

Worked extremely well on carpet stains in my home. Also had great results using this product on high traffic worn areas of carpet…got rid of accumalated dirt that brought back the original color.

Had tar and other difficult to remove debris on my new truck. Tried the bug & tar remover. Product effortlessly removed all filth without damage to paint. Will use on other cars. Highly recommend!