Removing Road Tar the Easy Way

Road tar, also known as bitumen or asphalt, is generally used as a binding agent for the production of asphalt concrete, which is what many roads, parking lots, and even airport runways are made of. This is because road tar is extremely sticky and viscous, and not soluble under normal wear or weather, which is good for binding mineral aggregates together to make roads, and extremely bad for your car’s finish.

We want our roads to be made of something that will last. It has to be able to withstand the “scrubbing” of thousands of tires passing over it, the moisture of the rain and the snow, and the merciless pounding of the elements. Unfortunately, this means that once it gets off the road and onto your car, it takes a lot more than soap and water and a little elbow grease to get it off.

Removing road tar is generally seen as such a chore, in fact, that if you go online to look for solutions to it, you can find literally countless home remedies that run the gamut from obvious to ridiculous. Some people recommend fairly common cleaning agents like turpentine, gasoline, or mineral spirits, but those can be hazardous not only to your health but also to the finish of your car. Other recommendations may be less dangerous, but are often more outlandish. Fabric softener sheets, peanut butter, linseed oil, hand lotion, butter, dish soap, mayonnaise, bath oil, cold cream, baking soda, and just about anything else that you might find in your kitchen or bathroom have made the list of home remedies for tar removal. YouTube videos on “how to remove tar from your car” get tens of thousands of views. Obviously, this is a big problem, but it doesn’t need to be.

The easiest solution for removing road tar from your vehicle is also the simplest one: tar remover. If you don’t want to raid your pantry to get road tar off your car’s finish, try Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover. It’s easy to spray on, and doesn’t require a lot of scrubbing. Just spray it on, wait 30 seconds, then rub it off with a clean, dry cloth and rinse with water. Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover uses no kerosene or abrasive cleaners, so it’s safe for you and for your car’s finish, and can be used on windows, bumpers, grills, wheel covers, headlights, and even chrome. And it has a pleasing citrus scent, rather than leaving your car smelling like a deli counter, as some of those home remedies might.

Plus, Lifter-1 is more than just a tar remover. It’s great for any kind of sticky deposit that might get on your vehicle, from bugs to tree sap, and of course, road tar. So the next time you need to remove stubborn, sticky stains from your car’s finish, try Lifter-1!

This article was brought to you by Lifter-1. Our cleaning products have served the automotive products marketplace for over twenty years. We pride ourselves on selling Carpet Stain Remover and Bug & Tar Remover that easily remove the toughest stains and road gunk from your vehicle inside and out!