Caring for Your Car’s Finish Through the Winter

Winter is the hardest season of the year on your car. Ice and snow make driving difficult, damage windshield wipers, and put a strain on tires. Extremes of cold can be hazardous to your engine, and make every part of your car more fragile. And then there’s the road gunk. Winter is the worst time of year for road gunk of various kinds. Rain and other weather comes and goes, but ice and snow sticks around in the winter, sometimes for weeks or months at a time. Not only does snow and ice stay on the roads and form a dirty slush that can get stuck into your car’s undercarriage, but the road salts and other treatments that are put down to make the roads more drivable may keep us safe in the wintertime, but they’re extremely hard on car finishes.

While bugs, at least, aren’t generally a big problem in the winter, road tar is still a concern, not to mention road salts and other hazards. Nobody ever wants to spend a lot of time scrubbing road gunk and tar off their car, but during the summer months spending a few hours on a sunny afternoon detailing your car’s finish isn’t so bad. Once the temperature starts to drop, though, it becomes awfully easy to leave that road tar and other gunk right where it is until spring, and then it has all that time to eat through the clear coat and damage your car’s finish.

That’s why Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover is as indispensable for winter weather as it is the rest of the year. It’s a quick, easy, safe tar remover that works fast to get rid of road tar, and any other gunk that may have accumulated on your car from winter driving. Its citrus-based formula is safe on clear-coat finishes, and it can be used on windows, bumpers, grills, chrome, wheel covers, and headlights, too. Best of all, it works fast! Once you spray it on, you just wait 30 seconds and then rub it clean and rinse. No more scrubbing down your car in the freezing weather, or letting tar and other gunk sit and eat away at your car’s finish until the thaw.

A lot of tar removers get rid of sticky deposits by using chemicals that can be hazardous to your car’s finish as well, which seems a little counter-intuitive to us. So our Bug & Tar Remover is non-abrasive, contains no kerosene, and is totally safe for your car’s finish. As we said, it’s so gentle it can even be used on things like glass, headlights, and chrome!

Winter may not be upon us just yet, but it’s right around the corner, so there’s no better time to stock up on some Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover to help keep your car spotless and well-protected through the toughest time of year. Treat your car with a little extra care during this winter, and you can both come out on the other side feeling like a million bucks!

This article was brought to you by Lifter-1. Our cleaning products have served the automotive products marketplace for over twenty years. We pride ourselves on selling Carpet Stain Remover and Bug & Tar Remover that easily remove the toughest stains and road gunk from your vehicle inside and out!