Spring and Summer Weather Can Cause A Mess on Your Auto Paint

The weather has finally changed for the better and most of the country is enjoying a seasonal warming period. If you’re an auto lover, this is a great time to finally get the car out of the garage and give it a proper “dust off” for the start of the warm-weather driving season. A good car doesn’t belong in the garage. On warm weather days, it’s a real pleasure to get your wheels out on the road and rev up the engine a little. And when you get your car home, you’re probably likely to park it in the driveway or in front of the house for a while and let the chrome shine in the sunlight. Just make sure you keep a close eye on the sky. Although spring is a prime time for rolling down the windows and cruising up and down the streets, it’s also a prime traffic time for migratory birds. And, unfortunately, bird migrations mean a rise in bird droppings all over the place.

Some folks don’t think too much about bird poop on the hood of their car. They leave it there to bake in the sun and make themselves a promise to wash it off next time they visit the car wash. These folks probably don’t have cars painted in Candy Apple Red or Daytona Yellow or Le Mans Blue or some other classic car color. And what they probably don’t know about the bird poop that’s smeared all over the hood of their car is that it’s eating through the paint.

Most bird poop is made up of two components. The white paste stuff is a concentration of uric acid.  The dark stuff is the actual poop. It’s the pasty white uric acid that ruins your paint. In fact, the uric acid found in bird poop has a higher acidity than acetic acid (the main component in vinegar). Given that most car enthusiasts wouldn’t dare let somebody splash vinegar all over their paint, there’s no reason to let bird poop sit on your paint for a week or so before you get around to cleaning it off.

Yes, bird droppings will kill your paint job. If you have any respect for your car, you should get out a cleaning solution, a hose, and a rag as soon as you see it on your paint. Don’t like scrubbing? No problem.

When it comes to removing bird poop from your car, and saving your paint job from acid erosion, you can leverage the power of a professional-grade bug and tar remover that’s strong but easy on your finish. A pro-quality bug and tar remover (such as Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover) removes bird droppings, bug stuff, tree sap, and allows you to wipe away the mess with ease. At the same time, the citrus components of Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover won’t harm your finish. Now, get out there, clean up that car, and enjoy the weather!

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