Save Your Auto Finish from the Ravages of the Road

After a long day away from home, nothing feels better than taking a lengthy shower to wash away the dirt and grime of the great outdoors. This precious daily ritual is one that anyone who’s spent considerable time outside—say, camping, gardening, or jogging—is unlikely to take for granted. Yet how often do we afford our automobiles, which spend their entire lives outdoors, the same luxury? Communing with nature can take quite a toll on your vehicle’s exterior, but now there’s a way to remove even the toughest of Mother Nature’s products from your ride!

The days of scraping and scrubbing to remove stubborn gunk only to find that your efforts have damaged your paint job—and your back muscles—are long gone. Lifter-1’s Bug and Tar Remover is to your automobile’s paint job what high-end bath soaps are to your skin. This carefully crafted product is powerful enough to eliminate damaging gunk, from baked-on tree sap to paint-eroding bug guts, sticky road tar to bird droppings. Yet at the same time, it’s also gentle enough to leave your car’s exterior blemish-free.

This product’s secret is in its unique formula, a citrus-based recipe capable of dissolving even the most stubborn of substances. However, unlike many of the harsh kerosene-based cleaning products out there, Lifter-1 Bug and Tar Remover poses no threat to your paint job, and is even safe for use on clear-coat finishes. What’s more, this easy-to-use product requires virtually no effort on your part: simply spray on, wait 30 seconds for it to work its magic, wipe off with a clean cloth, and rinse. Ta-da!

Have you ever hesitated to go on a romantic evening drive with your partner because you dreaded cleaning love bugs and cicadas off of your car’s grill? Or missed the first inning of a baseball game while trying to find a parking spot that wasn’t beneath a pine tree? How about driving miles out of your way to avoid construction for fear of damaging your paint job with road tar? Or deciding to skip your planned beach outing at the mere thought of seagulls flying over your newly washed car?

This product can’t prevent the inevitable, but it can make removing these and other exterior messes as easy as 1-2-3! So don’t let paint job anxieties ruin your plans—now you can cleanse your vehicle’s exterior just as easily as you can your own skin. And now available in a larger, 16-oz. can, Lifter-1 Bug and Tar Remover offers vehicle owners even more freedom to drive (and to park!) when they want, where they want, all year long, with the promise of easily combating whatever surprises the great outdoors might have in store!

This article was brought to you by Lifter-1. Our cleaning products have served the automotive products marketplace for over twenty years. We pride ourselves on selling Carpet Stain Remover and Bug & Tar Remover that easily remove the toughest stains and road gunk from your vehicle inside and out!