Rid Your Vehicle Exterior of Road Tar this Winter and Spring

Unless you’ve been living in a beach-side resort for the last eight months, you know that the weather here in the U.S. has been marked by sharp warming and cooling trends. These almost weekly swings in the weather are causing a number of problems across the country. The roads, for one, are suffering.

Most drivers know that the winter freeze, followed by periods of warming, can increase the potential for potholes and cracks on the roadways. Even in more temperate climates, damaged roads or parking lots can pose a problem for motorists. Potholes are notorious for knocking cars out of alignment, as well as causing unwelcome damage to tires, wheels, shocks, struts, and springs. This is especially prevalent when the potholes are deep and the speeds are high. As such, many road crews are continually hard at work repairing or resurfacing the damage. But as much as we may appreciate a well-maintained road or parking lot, driving on one that has been recently repaired may leave unwanted deposits of sticky road tar on the finish of our cars. And if you’re the kind of person that takes great pride in your car’s appearance, you know that road tar is gunky, stubborn stuff that can be a real chore to remove from the surface of your car’s paint, wheels, and chrome.

Tar, as far as chemical composition is concerned, is a black mix of thermoplastic produced by a unique coal distillation process. Tar was developed as a binding agent for road aggregates. By nature, road tar is tough, nasty stuff. So, when it comes to removing road tar from the surface of your vehicle, you’re left with few choices. Most auto care information suggests using a solvent of some kind to dissolve and remove road tar. It’s unfortunate that many solvents are primarily made from substances that are as hard on your auto paint as they are on the tar you’re trying to remove. If you’ve ever used a professional grade solvent to clean stubborn material from the paint of a 1967 Bolero Red Chevy Camaro, you were probably horrified to see your wiping rag come away with red all over it. Yikes! Fortunately, there is another choice when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your car.

Everyone can appreciate a clean, well-kept vehicle inside and out. Regular maintenance helps keep a car running smoothly, and regular cleaning is just as important to help keep a car’s finish looking like new. So, when faced with sticky road tar deposits on the finish of your car, use a little Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover for easy removal. As Lifter-1 is a primarily citrus-based formula, it is much safer on auto paint, clear-coat finishes, and does not contain Kerosene or other harmful solvents. Just spray on, wait 30 seconds, rub the treated area with a clean cloth, and rinse with water. It’s just that easy!

Lifter-1 has served the automotive market for over twenty years and prides itself on selling stain removers and bug & tar removers that really work. We take great satisfaction in manufacturing products that easily remove the toughest stains and road gunk from your vehicle – inside and out!