Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover to Keep Your Car Bug-free

Even though October has finally come to an end and the winter months are looming near, the warm weather and drought conditions that have been lingering across much of the nation created a habitat for a new rash of bugs in early autumn. We’ve seen them nesting on the leaves of trees in the yard, sticking to the sides of houses, and, unfortunately, stuck to the hoods and grilles of our cars. A few of the more pesky bugs that have cropped up in volumes these last months include the lovebug (a member of the march fly family) and a reddish-black bug called the boxelder. Now, depending on what part of the country you live in, the boxelder is also called the zug or the maple bug. But regardless of the name, it’s one that you hate to smash because it leaves a nasty red smear. If you have a red car, maybe that isn’t too much of a problem, but if you’re the owner of a beautiful 1967 Chevy Impala with an Ermine white paint job, these things are going to give you no end of trouble this season. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

It should be said that not all bug and tar removers are the same. Some of them make use of a lot of harsh chemicals that can seriously damage (or at very least dull) your paint job. Nobody wants that – especially if they have a classic car with an authentic paint job. So, it behooves the mindful car enthusiast to do a little research and buy a bug and tar remover that’s going to get the job done without negatively impacting a beautiful paint job. And since it would be remiss of us to suggest such an idea without offering a product with all the right qualities, we’ll strongly recommend Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover. Here’s why:

Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover contains no kerosene. It’s formulated from a citrus-based preparation that is safe on a variety of surfaces. Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover safely cleans sticky deposits from windows, bumpers, auto grilles, wheel covers, chrome, headlights, and any other parts of the car that have been besmirched by road tar, tree sap and bugs (including boxelder and lovebugs!). Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover is even safe on clear-coat finishes.

The problem with bugs and your car is that their insides are highly acidic and can easily etch away at your paint job. They’ll ruin your chrome too. In fact, bug guts are so nasty that most auto care experts recommend that you remove them from the surface of your vehicle as soon as you can. Even if you only have time to wipe them away with a little water and a rag, you’ll be better off in the long-run.

Lifter-1 has served the automotive market for over 20 years and prides itself on selling products that really work. We take great satisfaction in manufacturing products that easily remove the toughest road tar, tree sap, and bugs from the finish on your auto. Our citrus-based formula contains no kerosene and is safe on clear-coat finishes. Spray on. Wait 30 seconds. Wipe with a clean cloth and rinse. Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover is as easy as that!