For Parents Summertime Means More Driving and More Danger to Auto Paint Jobs

In households with children, summer vacation brings with it a wealth of opportunities for kids to explore old interests and develop new ones by participating in activities other than those taught in the everyday classroom. Many children spend their summers playing intramural sports, hanging out at the beach, and attending day and overnight camps. Others prefer frequent trips to the library, touring museums, taking private lessons to improve a skill, and even enrolling in summer school courses. And then there are the kids that never seem to grow tired—you know the type—and manage to do all of the above and more!

One of the most rewarding things a parent can do is facilitate his or her child’s development of new interests, abilities, and social circles. But let’s face it: from a practical standpoint, this requires no small degree of effort on the parent’s part. No doubt you’re familiar with terms such as soccer-mom and soccer-dad, used to refer to parents who appear to spend the vast majority of their time driving their kids to and from the activities in which they participate.

Chauffeuring children is not only a time-consuming task, but also one that takes a major toll on the family automobile. While parents are more likely to keep their cars well-maintained under the hood—after all, they’re transporting the most precious cargo there is—busy summer schedules make it easy to neglect the cosmetic issues that arise during daily driving.

For instance, how many times have you arrived home from, say, an evening swimming lesson only to realize that your car’s windshield and front grill are covered in the sticky remnants of those ever-pesky lovebugs? Or even worse owing to their size, cicadas, millions of which have emerged from their 13-17 year period underground this very year? Have you ever returned to your car after a family outing only to discover that you had parked beneath a tree whose sap now covers your hood, baked on by the sun? Is there anyone who hasn’t arrived home from a day at the beach or the pool with a car covered in bird droppings?

While it can be tempting to ignore messes on the exterior surface of one’s car, doing so can have negative effects. Bug guts contain erosive acids that can damage a car’s paint job. And over time, tree sap, road tar, and bird droppings can eat through your paint’s topcoat to cause staining, discoloration, and an etched appearance.

To maintain your car’s beautiful exterior, you need a product like Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover, a professional-grade tar and bug remover that’s powerful enough to clean away all of these damaging substances and more, yet gentle enough to leave your paint job perfectly in tact. Lifter-1 Bug & Tar Remover is also fast-acting and easy to use, meaning that keeping your automobile’s exterior clean won’t cut into you and your kids’ busy summer schedules.