Eliminate the Grime and the Musty Smell from your Floor Mats

Are the floor mats in your vehicle suffering from a case of the winter yuck? Have they become a depository for all the nasty sand and ice melt and watery gunk that comes in on the bottoms of boots and galoshes? If you answered yes to either (or both) of those questions, it’s probably about time that you did a little early-winter cleaning to help eliminate the grime and the musty smell from your floor mats.

With all of the snow and ice and road gunk that gets tracked into your car, truck, or SUV during this time of year, it’s a sure bet that your floor mats are suffering from a lot of stains. In addition, the wet weather that’s so common during the winter season – along with the cold temperatures – is probably creating a situation down in the floorboards of your vehicle where the dampness never really gets a chance to dry out and the standing wet stuff is beginning to smell like an old gym shoe.

So, if you care for your vehicle (and who here doesn’t?), you’re well advised to take a little time this weekend and give your floor mats a good cleaning. The benefit, of course, is that you get your floor mats clean before the build-up of stains and dampness has you tossing them out for new ones by the time spring weather arrives. Keep in mind that a new pair of floor mats can cost you anywhere from $59 to $120, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. A can of carpet stain remover and a little of your weekend time costs a lot less than that!

Using a little Lifter-1 Carpet Stain Remover is one of the easiest ways to clean your floor mats during the winter – and it leaves them looking better than ever. Lifter-1 Carpet Stain Remover is simple to use – no need to spend hours scrubbing until your hands begin to cramp up. All you have to do is spray Lifter-1 Carpet Stain Remover on the stains on your floor mats, wait a few seconds, and blot them off with a rag. Even though some folks prefer to brush off their floor mats first, when it comes to grease or tar marks, oil stains, coffee or food spills, or pet stains, there’s no scrubbing, scraping, or vacuuming necessary after you’ve applied Lifter-1 Carpet Stain Remover.

Eliminate troublesome stains from your floor mats with Lifter-1 Carpet Stain Remover. Your car will look better than ever.

Lifter-1 has served the automotive market for over twenty years and prides itself on selling stain removers and bug & tar removers that really work. We take great satisfaction in manufacturing products that easily remove the toughest stains and road gunk from your vehicle – inside and out!